Holesalers and *BXT
Holesalers deals directly with *Braxton Chemicals. *BXT See our FAQ page.
We continue to sell formulas to be sold as “RUSH HARDWARE” ETC.
Holesalers.com also utilizes these named products as a 
PWD- It no longer exist. Sorry. However it is important to cater these
products to believers that PWD  must be stamped on the cap. Placebo effect
For example - name brand (such as Band-Aid)  Ever find yourself putting on a Band-Aid named after your pharmacy? Its not a band-Aid and chances are they work better. (especially those made by 3m)
Braxton Chemicals is BXT. Their AMYL AND ISO are filtered 3-5 times per blend. The filtration system removes all impurities. Poppers biggest enemies are static and H2O!. Therefore, production looks like a space lab. One spark could create a vicious problem. We caution those not to
Quality of production exceeds quantity. I.G. RUSH is truly rushed to market
Please fee FAQ see how products get their names... Did you know that
Jungle juice is 50% rush and 50% hardware?  This is how products develop
a name. Our consumers will know what chemical is in the brand “behind
the label”!
      IML Limited 2015                 2015
bargain brand .
BXT Providers PURE highly potent products.
HOLESALERS PROVIDES ADULT PRODUCTS. Wholesale Prices MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 18 years of age to enter. ENTER     under 18? EXIT